this blog is not dead

Ive been very busy with school work among other forms of torture, but with great suffering comes decent art, and hopefully soon i will post the many projects completed in my absence, likely in one megapost for up to tens of people to see. i have also been making music, which inevitably will end up here.

Sorry for lack of posts

I am having technical issues, my phone wont connect to my computer, so i cant properly post pics of my models in the resolution i normally have. I have finished 2 projects, and am working on 3 war bands. so don't expect much action from me for at least another week, school has kept me down the last few weeks, with large assignments and that will likely continue.

happy new year

im working on some posts that actually involve miniatures, they will be posted soon i hope.

almost there

since this is my blog that has a follower, im posting it here, ill have to take a bit more time, im working on music currently, as well as 2 warbands, but trust me im working on it.

christmas hiatus

I'm going on a short hiatus until ~Christmas eve